cuticular protein RR-1 family (CPR34) [Source:VB Community Annotation;Acc:AGAP006864]

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This transcript has 2 exons, is annotated with 15 domains and features, is associated with 12 variations and maps to 21 oligo probes.


This transcript is a product of gene AGAP006864

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NameTranscript IDLengthProteinBiotypeUniProtRefSeqFlags
CPR34AGAP006864-RA552 bp137 aa (view)
protein coding
B5KP61 B5KP62 B5KP63
B5KP64 B5KP66 B5KP68
B5KP69 B5KP73 B5KP75
B5KP76 B5KP77 B5KP81
B5KP82 B5KP84 Q7PF34

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