Pristionchus pacificus (El_Paco)

NOTE: The genome sequence and annotation for P. pacificus are updated in Ensembl Metazoa infrequently. The data here corresponds with WormBase WS269. For the latest genome and annotation, please visit WormBase ParaSite (for an Ensembl-oriented view), or WormBase.

About Pristionchus pacificus

Pristionchus pacificus is a small, free-living roundworm found in association with scarab beetles and Colorado potato beetles. It is estimated to have diverged from C. elegans 200-300 million years ago and retains many similar traits. P. pacificus is a model organism for developmental biology particularly in the analysis of vulval formation.

Taxonomy ID 54126

Data source WormBase

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Genome assembly: El_Paco

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Other data

Various protein and cDNA sequences have been aligned to the P. pacificus genome and can be viewed on the genome browser:

  • Complete protein sets from human (UniProtKB), D. melanogaster (FlyBase), S. cerevisae (SGD), and selected other nematodes (WormBase)
  • All other reviewed protein sequences from UniProtKB
  • P. pacificus mRNAs and ESTs

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