Nasonia vitripennis (Jewel wasp, AsymCx) vs Solenopsis invicta (Red fire ant, M01_SB) Synteny results

The syntenic regions between Nasonia vitripennis (Jewel wasp, AsymCx) (Nasonia vitripennis, Nvit_psr_1.1) and Solenopsis invicta (Red fire ant, M01_SB) (Solenopsis invicta, UNIL_Sinv_3.0) were extracted from their pairwise alignment in Ensembl Metazoa release 106. We look for stretches where the alignment blocks are in synteny. The search is run in two phases. In the first one, syntenic alignments that are closer than 200 kbp are grouped. In the second phase, the groups that are in synteny are linked provided that no more than 2 non-syntenic groups are found between them and they are less than 3Mbp apart.

Configuration parameters

No configuration parameters are available.

Statistics over 161 synteny blocks

Genome coverage (bp) Coding exon coverage (bp)
Nasonia vitripennis (Jewel wasp, AsymCx)

Uncovered: 253,116,885 out of 297,309,692
Covered: 44,192,807 out of 297,309,692

Uncovered: 20,465,163 out of 22,806,936
Covered: 2,341,773 out of 22,806,936

Solenopsis invicta (Red fire ant, M01_SB)

Uncovered: 313,960,756 out of 378,101,515
Covered: 64,140,759 out of 378,101,515

Uncovered: 22,069,886 out of 24,708,769
Covered: 2,638,883 out of 24,708,769