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Mnemiopsis leidyi: exploring early animal evolution

Mnemiopsis leidyiThe first ctenophore to be sequenced, Mnemiopsis leidyi, has brought the debate about early animal evolution back into the spotlight. Recent studies position ctenophores as the sister group to porifera, placozoa, cnidaria and bilateria. These findings are particularly engaging as ctenophores present neural and mesodermal cells, similiar to the ones found in bilateria. The assembly and gene annotation were produced by the Mnemiopsis Genome Project, based at the National Human Genome Research Institute, USA.

The study of key biological processes, such as regeneration and axial patterning, and its phylogenetic importance make M. leidyi an important model for evolutionary and developmental studies.

Picture credit (Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0): Steven G. Johnson 2008

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