e.g. CPR34 or chitin*

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Orthologue filtering

The number of orthologues for some gene families can sometimes be quite large, so there are two mechanisms for filtering, by species and by taxonomic grouping.

  • To restrict by species, from an orthologue page (e.g. BGIBMGA013995) use the 'Configure this page' button in the left menu to display a list of species, which can then be (de)selected as required. Your selection is remembered by your web browser, such that if you navigate to another orthologue page, the filter will still be applied. (A message at the bottom of the page summarises the number of orthologues from hidden species.)
  • To restrict by taxonomic grouping, from an orthologue page (e.g. BGIBMGA013995) select one or more groups from the list above the table of orthologues. This filter is not stored in your browser, so navigating to another page will reset the display to show all orthologues.

What's New in Release 30

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Ensembl Genomes REST ServiceTo access Ensembl Genomes data from any programming language, try our REST service. For full documentation including examples from a wide range of languages, visit http://rest.ensemblgenomes.org

  • Updated data
    • Updated BioMarts
    • Update protein domain information based on latest InterProScan