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Recently Updated Gene Sets and Variants from VectorBase

Aedes aegyptiAnopheles darlingiAnopheles gambiaeCulex quinquefasciatusIxodes scapularisRhodnius prolixus

The latest gene sets from VectorBase have been added to Ensembl Metazoa. These are a mixture of gene model updates from the VectorBase community, and automated extension of transcripts to include stop codons.

New variation sets have also been imported for Aedes aegypti and Ixodes scapularis. For A. aegypti, the new variation data covers 160 individuals from 25 populations, from 12 different regions around the world, and was produced using a SNP chip containing 25K validated SNPs. All of the I. scapularis variation data is new since release 27 of Ensembl Metazoa; it comprises ten populations: eight field isolates from different parts of the USA, and two independently maintained instances of the Wikel reference strain.

What's New in Release 28

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  • Updated data
    • Updated protein domain information based on InterProScan 5.13-52.0
    • Updated BioMarts

Future Releases

Release 29 of Ensembl Metazoa is scheduled for 14th October 2015 - our
intentions for this release can be found here: