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RNA gene alignments

Rfam covariance models (version 12.1) have been aligned against all metazoan genomes, with the exception of tRNA models which are aligned using tRNAScan-SE.

The covariance models are taxonomically filtered before alignment, so that structural RNA features that have never been annotated in metazoan species are not inappropriately aligned. The alignment is performed with cmscan, from the Infernal software suite.

RNA gene alignments are visible as browser tracks ('Rfam models' and 'tRNA models'); selecting an alignment in the genome browser displays metadata such as the description and the secondary structure.

Rfam model

What's New in Release 32

Did you know...?

Data in CRAM format can be uploaded as tracks in the genome browser.

  • Updated genomes
    • Caenorhabditis japonica (WormBase WS250)
  • Updated data
    • Alignments of Rfam covariance models for all species
    • Updated protein features from InterPro
    • Updated BioMarts

Future Releases

Release 33 of Ensembl Genomes is scheduled for 4th October 2016. For more details, see the release intentions.