Drosophila virilis (TSC#15010-1051.87) (dvir_caf1)

Drosophila virilis (TSC#15010-1051.87) Assembly and Gene Annotation

About Drosophila virilis

Drosophila virilis has a worldwide distribution (probably due to human movements [1]), and was one of 12 fruitfly genomes sequenced for a large comparative study [2]. Ensembl Genomes imports data from FlyBase, who also have more information about the biology of Drosophila virilis, and a phylogeny of the 12 sequenced fruitfly species.

Picture credit (Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 FR): Nicolas Gompel 2008. Image shows a female fly.


This is the August 2005 genome assembly of Drosophila virilis. The 8.0x whole-genome shotgun sequencing was performed and assembly provided by Agencourt Bioscience.


Protein-coding and RNA genes, which were annotated with the NCBI eukaryotic genome annotation pipeline, were imported from FlyBase, release dvir_r1.07 (FB2018_05).

Repeats were annotated with the Ensembl Genomes repeat feature pipeline. There are: 400,856 Low complexity (Dust) features, covering 39 Mb (18.7% of the genome); 84,370 RepeatMasker features (with the RepBase library), covering 33 Mb (16.2% of the genome); 207,929 Tandem repeats (TRF) features, covering 32 Mb (15.7% of the genome).

Protein domains were annotated with the Ensembl Genomes protein feature pipeline.


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    Mirol PM, Routtu J, Hoikkala A, Butlin RK. 2008. BMC Evololutionary Biology. 8:59.
  2. Evolution of genes and genomes on the Drosophila phylogeny.
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Assemblydvir_caf1, INSDC Assembly GCA_000005245.1,
Database version106.2
Golden Path Length206,026,697
Genebuild byFlyBase
Genebuild methodImport
Data sourceFlyBase

Gene counts

Coding genes13,620
Non coding genes1,639
Small non coding genes1,639
Gene transcripts22,868

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