Aphidius gifuensis (Parasitoid wasp, YNYX2018) (ASM1490517v1)

About Aphidius gifuensis

Aphidius gifuensis is a small wasp belonging to the Hymenopteran genus Aphidius (family "Braconidae"). This genus includes many species that provide biological pest control of aphids via endoparasitism. A. gifuensis (subfamily Aphidiinae) represents one of the most important natural enemies of aphids (Hemiptera) which have impacts across agricultural crops, greenhouses, and home gardens. Species with Aphidius are naturally abundant, having a cosmopolitan distribution, imparting significant control effects across many different pest species (1). After egg laying by the adult wasp, wasp larvae hatch and feed on the inside of an aphid. As the larvae mature, the hosts die and become slightly enlarged or mummified. Complete metamorphosis occurs within the host.

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Taxonomy ID 684658

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Taxonomy ID 684658

Data source College of Plant Protection, CAU

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Genome assembly: ASM1490517v1

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