Bactrocera latifrons (Solanum fruit fly, USDA-ARS-PBARC rearing strain) (ASM185335v1)

About Bactrocera latifrons

The species B. latifrons, also referred to as the "Solanum fruit fly" is a native species of Asia with ranges extending across Pakistan, India, Sri lanka, China and Burma amongst other asian countries. B. latifrons are Fruit flies (Family: Tephritidae) which rank among the world's most serious pests of horticultural crops including fruits and vegetables (1). The pest species is known to infest fruits belonging to families Solanaceae and Cucurbitaceae. The solanum fruit fly is a pest of quarantine importance and has the potential to permanently establish itself and compete and/or coexist with other native and previously introduced tephritid fruit fly species. First identified in Taiwan in 1912 (1), as of 2006 this pest has established itself as agrigultural pest in Africa (Tanzania) and Southern India, with potential to threaten agriculture in other parts of India (1,2).

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Taxonomy ID 174628

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Taxonomy ID 174628

Data source USDA-ARS PBARC

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Genome assembly: ASM185335v1

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