Dendronephthya gigantea (Carnation coral, DGI-Jeju-01) (DenGig_1.0)

About Dendronephthya gigantea

Dendronephthya gigantea belong to the genus of soft corals in the family Nephtheidae. There are over 250 described species in this genus. They are sometimes kept in aquariums, but are notoriously difficult to keep, requiring a near constant supply of small foods such as phytoplankton. D. gigantea, an octocoral also known as carnation coral is a dominant species in the most southerncoastal part of Korea. The genome of D. gigantea could serve as a resource for evolutionary studies of azooxanthellate octocorals in terms of understanding different coping strategies mediating against rapid environmental changes in comparison to other published stony coralgenomes (1).

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Taxonomy ID 151771

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Taxonomy ID 151771

Data source Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology

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Genome assembly: DenGig_1.0

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