Penaeus japonicus (Kuruma shrimp, Ginoza2017) (Mj_TUMSAT_v1.0)

About Penaeus japonicus

Marsupenaeus is a monotypic genus of prawn. It contains a single species, Marsupenaeus japonicus, known as the kuruma shrimp, kuruma prawn, or Japanese tiger prawn. It occurs naturally in bays and seas of the Indo-West Pacific, but has also reached the Mediterranean Sea as a Lessepsian migrant. It is one of the largest species of prawns, and is accordingly one of the most economically important species in the family.

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Taxonomy ID 27405

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Taxonomy ID 27405

Data source Laboratory of Genome Science Graduate School of Marine Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

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Genome assembly: Mj_TUMSAT_v1.0

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