Bombus terrestris (buff-tailed bumblebee, reference) (iyBomTerr1.2)

About Bombus terrestris

Bombus terrestris, the buff-tailed bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) or large earth bumblebee, is one of the most numerous bumblebee species in Europe. It is one of the main species used in greenhouse pollination, and so can be found in many countries and areas where it is not native, such as Tasmania. Moreover, it is a eusocial insect with an overlap of generations, a division of labor, and cooperative brood care. The queen is monandrous which means she mates with only one male. B. terrestris workers learn flower colors and forage efficiently.

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Taxonomy ID 30195

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Taxonomy ID 30195


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Genome assembly: iyBomTerr1.2

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