Orussus abietinus (Parasitic wood wasp, OABI.00-Male) (Oabi_2.0)

About Orussus abietinus

Orussus is a genus within the family Orussidae collectively known as "parasitic wood wasps". There are about eleven described species in the genus. This species Ectoparasitize woodboring insect larvae, usually Buprestidae (Coleoptera)(1). The Orussidae or the parasitic wood wasps represent a small family of sawflies ("Symphyta"). They take a key position in phylogenetic analyses of Hymenoptera, because they form the sister taxon of the megadiverse apocritan wasps, and the common ancestor of Orussidae + Apocrita evolved parasitism for the first time in course of the evolution of the Hymenoptera. They are also the only sawflies with carnivorous larvae.

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Taxonomy ID 222816

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Taxonomy ID 222816

Data source The BCM-HGSC i5K pilot project

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Genome assembly: Oabi_2.0

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