Anneissia japonica (Sea lily, Jap-2015-1) (ASM1163010v1)

About Anneissia japonica

Anneissia japonica, or crinoids belong to thr order Comatulida which are part of the larger more ancient marine Phylum Echinodermata. Members of this order are known as "feather stars" and mostly do not possess a stalk in adulthood. Comatulids live on the seabed and on reefs in tropical and temperate waters. Crinoids are passive suspension feeders, filtering plankton and small particles of detritus from the sea water flowing past them with their feather-like arms. Comatulids consist of 80% calcium carbonate and are unappetising to most predators. A number of species of fish are known to feed on them. Many other invertebrates live as commensals among the rays of crinoids and it may be these succulent morsels that are the principal objective of most predators.

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Taxonomy ID 1529436

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Taxonomy ID 1529436

Data source Center for Ecological and Environmental Sciences

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Genome assembly: ASM1163010v1

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