Glossina austeni (GausT1)

Glossina austeni Assembly and Gene Annotation

The Glossina austeni data and its display on Ensembl Genomes are made possible through a joint effort by the Ensembl Genomes group and VectorBase, a component of VEuPathDB.

About Glossina austeni

Occurs only in the east coast countries of Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and northeastern parts of South Africa. It has also been recorded from Zimbabwe. Vector of Animal African Trypanosomiasis.

TTRI strain

Sequenced strain originating from colony maintained in Tsetse and Trypanosomosis Research Institute (TTRI) laboratories in Tanga, Tanzania.

Source: VectorBase

GausT1 assembly

Submitted by Glossina Genomes Consortium

GausT1.8 gene set

Community annotation patch build for July 2019



AssemblyGausT1, INSDC Assembly GCA_000688735.1, Jun 2014
Database version106.1
Golden Path Length370,264,922
Genebuild byVEuPathDB
Genebuild methodMaker genebuild
Data sourceVectorBase

Gene counts

Coding genes19,720
Non coding genes378
Small non coding genes374
Long non coding genes4
Gene transcripts20,110

About this species