Glossina palpalis (GpapI1)

Glossina palpalis Assembly and Gene Annotation

The Glossina palpalis data and its display on Ensembl Genomes are made possible through a joint effort by the Ensembl Genomes group and VectorBase, a component of VEuPathDB.

About Glossina palpalis

Lives in the more humid areas of West Africa, from Senegal to Cameroon, then south along the coast to Angola. In West Africa it penetrates further to the north in Mali and Senegal, than it does in Nigeria. In the part of its distribution from Cameroon to Angola, it has a long common boundary with G. fuscipes, with which there is little overlap. Vector of Trypanosoma brucei gambiense in West Africa.

IAEA strain

Sequenced strain originating from colony maintained in IAEA laboratories in Seibersdorf, Austria

Source: VectorBase

GpapI1 assembly

Submitted by Glossina Genomes Consortium

GpapI1.5 gene set

Community annotation patch build for July 2019.



AssemblyGpapI1, INSDC Assembly GCA_000818775.1, Jan 2015
Database version106.1
Golden Path Length380,104,241
Genebuild byVEuPathDB
Genebuild methodMaker genebuild
Data sourceVectorBase

Gene counts

Coding genes20,162
Non coding genes373
Small non coding genes370
Long non coding genes3
Gene transcripts20,541

About this species