Tribolium castaneum (Tcas5.2)

Tribolium castaneum Assembly and Gene Annotation

About Tribolium castaneum

The red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum, is a common pest of stored agricultural products, and is also a genetic model for the Coleoptera. Tribolium castaneum can be found where grains or other dried foods are stored and has evolved a kidney-like organ to survive in such dry environments. It has demonstrated resistance to all classes of insecticides.

Picture credit (Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0): Wikimedia Commons 2007


The latest genome assembly, Tcas 5.2 [2], improves the original 7x Sanger draft [1] with additional NGS data. 90% of the assembled sequence has been mapped to linkage groups.


Ensembl Metazoa displays the OGS v3 gene set.


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AssemblyTcas5.2, INSDC Assembly GCA_000002335.3,
Database version108.5
Golden Path Length165,928,604
Genebuild byBeetleBase
Genebuild methodImport
Data sourcei5k - five thousand insect genomes

Gene counts

Coding genes16,590
Non coding genes460
Small non coding genes460
Gene transcripts18,996