Solenopsis invicta (Si_gnH)

About Solenopsis invicta

Solenopsis invicta, the red fire ant, is native to South America, but has become an invasive pest in many countries, where the ants have gained notoriety for their aggression and the painful sting from which their name is derived. Fire ants are eusocial and have been used as a model species for the study of complex hymenopteran social behaviour, such as their caste system [1] and altruism [2].

Genomic resources are available for several ant species. Atta cephalotes, a leaf-cutter ant, is included in Ensembl Metazoa; and data for other species is available at the Hymenoptera Genome Database [3] and at Fourmidable [4].

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Taxonomy ID 13686

Data source Universite de Lausanne

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Genome assembly: Si_gnH

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