Solenopsis invicta (M01_SB) (UNIL_Sinv_3.0)

Solenopsis invicta (M01_SB) Assembly and Gene Annotation

About Solenopsis invicta

Solenopsis invicta, the red fire ant, is native to South America, but has become an invasive pest in many countries, where the ants have gained notoriety for their aggression and the painful sting from which their name is derived. Fire ants are eusocial and have been used as a model species for the study of complex hymenopteran social behaviour, such as their caste system [1] and altruism [2].

Additional genomic resources are available for several ant species at Hymenoptera Genome Database [3] and at Fourmidable [4].

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The assembly presented is the UNIL_Sinv_3.0 assembly submitted to INSDC with the assembly accession GCA_016802725.1.


Ensembl Metazoa displays the genes from NCBI Solenopsis invicta Annotation Release 104. Small RNA features, protein features and cross-references have been annotated by Ensembl Metazoa.


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AssemblyUNIL_Sinv_3.0, INSDC Assembly GCA_016802725.1,
Database version107.8
Golden Path Length378,101,515
Genebuild byNCBI
Genebuild methodImport
Data sourceUniversity of Lausanne

Gene counts

Coding genes14,790
Non coding genes1,819
Small non coding genes288
Long non coding genes1,479
Misc non coding genes52
Gene transcripts34,796