Owenia fusiformis (Segmented worms) (Owenia_assembly_annotated)

About Owenia fusiformis

Owenia fusiformis is a thin, cylindrical, segmented worm, up to 10 cm long, that lives in a tough flexible tube buried in the sand with its anterior end just protruding from the surface. The tube is composed of sand grains or shell fragments glued together in an overlapping fashion. The body of the worm is greenish or yellowish and at the head end the mouth is surrounded by short, reddish, frilly lobes.

Widely distributed in coastal regions throughout northwest Europe, the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific.

Picture credit: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International via Wikimedia Commons (Image source) (by Hans Hillewaert)

Taxonomy ID 6347

(Text from The Marine Life Information Network(MarLIN).)

More information General information about this species can be found on The Marine Life Information Network(MarLIN) species page.

Taxonomy ID 6347

Data source Chema Martin-Duran lab., School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, Queen Mary University Of London

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Genome assembly: Owenia_assembly_annotated

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