Drosophila simulans (Fruit fly, w501) (ASM75419v3)

About Drosophila simulans

Drosophila simulans is, in evolutionary terms, closely related to D. melanogaster, and was one of 12 fruitfly genomes sequenced for a large comparative study [1]. In addition to comparison with the exceptionally well-studied D. melanogaster, D. simulans is useful for research into speciation due to its close relationship with D. sechellia and D. mauritiana [2]. Ensembl Genomes imports data from FlyBase, who also have much more information about the biology of Drosophila simulans, and a phylogeny of the 12 sequenced fruitfly species.

Picture credit (Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 FR): Nicolas Gompel 2008. Image shows a female fly.

Taxonomy ID 7240

Data source FlyBase

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Genome assembly: ASM75419v3

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