Crassostrea gigas (oyster_v9)

About Crassostrea gigas

Crassostrea gigas, the Pacific oyster, is native to Asia, but has been introduced around the world, intentionally for aquaculture, and accidentally such that it is sometimes viewed as an invasive species. Oysters are sessile bivalve molluscs, and C. gigas is a large estuarine species that thrives in a wide range of environmental conditions, helping to make it the most commercially important oyster species in the world. The Pacific oyster has many characteristics that are representative of molluscs and, more generally, lophotrochozoans, and its genome provides insight into metazoan evolution, in addition to being a valuable resource for studies of aquaculture [1].

Picture credit (Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0): Jan Johan ter Poorten 2007

Taxonomy ID 29159

Data source GigaDB

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Genome assembly: oyster_v9

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