Stomoxys calcitrans (Stable fly, USDA) (ScalU1)

The Stomoxys calcitrans data and its display on Ensembl Genomes are made possible through a joint effort by the Ensembl Genomes group and VectorBase, a component of VEuPathDB.

The assembly name may not match that from INSDC due to additional community contributions applied by VEuPathDB to the initial INSDC assembly (recorded by the assembly accession).

About Stomoxys calcitrans

Stable fly, a comparator species for the tsetse project.

USDA strain

Inbred line supplied by Dr. Pia Olafson, USDA. Genome sequencing was undertaken on pooled multiple male (F7 generation from inbred line 8C7A2A5H3J4) individual DNA isolates.

Source: VectorBase

Photo credit: Peterwchen Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons (Image source)

Taxonomy ID 35570

Data source VectorBase

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Genome assembly: ScalU1

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