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Capitella teleta (Bristle worm) (Capitella_teleta_v1.0)

About Capitella teleta

Capitella teleta is a polychaete annelid worm, a class whose members are also known as bristle worms, due to the chitinous bristles on the parapodia of each body segment. C. teleta is an opportunistic inhabitant of marine benthic regions, with a worldwide distribution; the species was only recently given a formal taxonomic name, having previously been referred to as Capitella sp. I [1].

C. teleta has many characteristics that are representative of annelids and, more generally, lophotrochozoans, and its genome was sequenced alongside another annelid (Helobdella robusta) and a mollusc (Lottia gigantea) to provide insight into metazoan evolution [2]. The genomic data also promotes the use of this species as a model organism for studies of evolutionary development.

Picture credit: Aldine Amiel (Kahi Kai)

Taxonomy ID 283909

Data source Joint Genome Institute

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Genome assembly: Capitella_teleta_v1.0

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This species currently has no variation database. However you can process your own variants using the Variant Effect Predictor:

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