Thelohanellus kitauei (Myxozoan endoparasite) (ASM82789v1)

About Thelohanellus kitauei

Thelohanellus kitauei is a myxosporean, a highly derived class of Cnidaria [1]. The Myxosporea are a class of microscopic parasites, belonging to the Myxozoa. They have a complex life cycle which comprises vegetative forms in two hosts, an aquatic invertebrate (generally an annelid) and an ectothermic vertebrate, usually a fish. Each host releases a different type of spore. The two forms of spore are so different that until recently they were treated as belonging to different classes within the Myxozoa.

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Picture credit: K. Ogawa (D-PAF)

Taxonomy ID 669202

Data source Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

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Genome assembly: ASM82789v1

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