Adineta vaga (Rotifer) (AMS_PRJEB1171_v1)

About Adineta vaga

Adineta vaga is a bdelloid rotifer, a class of rotifers found in freshwater habitats all over the world. There are over 450 described species of bdelloid rotifers, distinguished from each other mainly on the basis of morphology. The main characteristics that distinguish bdelloids from related groups of rotifers are exclusively parthenogenetic reproduction and the ability to survive in dry, harsh environments by entering a state of desiccation-induced dormancy (anhydrobiosis) at any life stage. They are often referred to as
"ancient asexuals
" due to their unique asexual history that spans back to over 25 million years ago through fossil evidence.

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Picture credit (CC-BY-NC 3.0): Rotifer World Catalog

Taxonomy ID 104782

Data source Genoscope

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Genome assembly: AMS_PRJEB1171_v1

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