Copidosoma floridanum (Parasitoid wasp, CFLO.00-Male) (Cflo_2.0)

About Copidosoma floridanum

Copidosoma floridanum is a species of wasp in the family Encyrtidae which is primarily a parasitoid of moths in the subfamily Plusiinae. It has the largest recorded brood of any parasitoidal insect, at 3,055 individuals. The life cycle begins when a female oviposits into the eggs of a suitable host species, laying one or two eggs per host. Each egg divides repeatedly and develops into a brood of multiple individuals, a phenomenon called polyembryony. The larvae grow inside their host, breaking free at the end of the host's own larval stage.

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Taxonomy ID 29053

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Taxonomy ID 29053

Data source The BCM-HGSC i5K pilot project

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Genome assembly: Cflo_2.0

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