Lucilia cuprina (Australian sheep blowfly, LS) (ASM118794v1)

About Lucilia cuprina

The species Lucilia cuprina, formerly named Phaenicia cuprina, is more commonly known as the Australian sheep blowfly. It belongs to the blow-fly family Calliphoridae, and while some authorities combine the blow flies (Calliphoridae) and the flesh flies (Sarcophagidae) together into the Metopiidae family, distinguishable characteristics allow for the separation. Blow flies are about the size of a house fly or a little larger, and though considered to be nuisances indoors are essential agents in the breakdown of organic matter.

Lucilia cuprina causes the condition known as 'sheep strike'. The female fly locates a sheep with an open wound in which she lays her eggs. The emerging larvae cause large lesions on the sheep, which may prove to be fatal.

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Picture credit (Creative Commons BY 2.0): Graham Wise

Taxonomy ID 7375

Data source University of Melbourne

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Genome assembly: ASM118794v1

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